Leadership Team

We’re a team of world-class scientists, medicinal chemists, inventors and leaders from top academic and biopharmaceutical institutions, tackling the hardest mental health challenges facing the world today.

Jonathan Sporn, MD
Founder, CEO
25+ years of experience in drug development (Pfizer, JNJ), Assistant Professor of Psychiatry (Columbia University), Founder of Perception Neuroscience (acquired by ATAI Life Sciences), Academic Research (Harvard and NIH)
Andrew Kruegel Photo
Andrew Kruegel, PhD
Co-Founder and Head of Chemistry
Medicinal chemist, 10+ years of experience synthesizing and patenting psychedelic and ibogaine analogs, discovered MOA of the antidepressant Tianeptine, Founder and CSO of Kures Therapeutics (acquired by ATAI Life Sciences)
Gerard Marek
Gerard Marek, MD PhD
25+ years of experience in early clinical development and discovery, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry (Yale University School of Medicine), Associate Director (Pfizer), Psychiatric Disorders Discovery Biology CSO (Eli Lilly and Company), Global Medical Lead (Astellas Pharma)
Laszlo Kiss Photo
Laszlo Kiss, PhD
CBO and Head of Research
20+ years of experience in drug discovery and development (Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb), Leadership roles in corporate venture and business development (Pfizer, Biogen)
Yoni Falkson Photo
Yoni Falkson, MBA
15+ years of experience focused on commercial development, payer strategy, marketing and product launches, Co-founder of SpringWorks Therapeutics, Commercial leadership roles at Pfizer and Regeneron

Scientific advisory board

Phillip Skolnick (Board Member)
Ex-Division Director, NIH
CSO Opiant Pharmaceuticals
Robert Berman (Board Member)
Biohaven Pharmaceuticals
Clinical Sciences, BMS and Pfizer
Adjunct Professor, Yale University School of Medicine
Dalibor Sames (Co-Founder, Board Observer)
Columbia University
Co-Founder KURES
Andre Fenton PhD
Professor, Neuroplasticity, Electrodynamics and Cognition
Neural Science, New York University
John Macor, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer at Sionna Tx
Ex-Global Head of Integrated Drug Discovery at Sanofi
Gerard Sanacora MD PhD
Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Yale University, School of Medicine
Jay Gingrich, MD PhD
Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Columbia University School of Medicine
Rene Hen, PhD
Professor, Neuroscience & Pharmacology Director, Division of Systems Neuroscience, Columbia University
Lisa Monteggia, PhD
Former Abbott Labs Neuroscience Lab Chief
Professor, Neuroscience, Vanderbilt University
Amit Etkin MD PhD
Professor, Stanford University
Founder of ALTO (Biomarker company in psychiatry)
Jeffrey Lieberman, MD
Chair, Department of Psychiatry
Columbia University School of Medicine
Harriet de Wit PhD
Professor, Psychiatry, University of Chicago
Director, Human Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory
Robert Volkmann PhD
CSO Biopharmaworks, Medicinal Chemist
34 years at Pfizer with over 100 patents and publications
Jotham Coe PhD
Biopharmaworks, Medicinal Chemist
30 years at Pfizer with over 100 patents and publications
Silvia Gatti PhD
Former Head of R&D Neuroscience Pierre Fabre Laboratories, Former Vice-director of Psychiatry Research, Dept F. Hoffman La Roche, Circadian Rhythms Fellow, Oxford
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